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GameOfWealthOnline.com is dedicated to helping Filipinos learn and understand how the “Game of Wealth” works, so that they can achieve financial freedom and abundance. No one was taught formally in school how to be good at the game of money, so majority of Filipinos don’t understand how to save, budget, and manage their money. Additionally, financial instruments like insurance, investments, bonds, equities and other businesses are commonly misunderstood and underutilized.

In GameOfWealthOnline, we believe that financial education is the solution to poverty. “Study money, and it becomes your slave. Ignore it, and it becomes your master. We know that the Philippines is a very rich country with a lot of financial opportunities. And the way to help people become wealthy, but with the right attitude towards it, is to help them understand money. 

Our goal here is to help every Filipino build a solid financial foundation through education. We do that by making the world of money simple to understand. Through our articles, videos and online seminars, we hope that one day each and every Filipino would be financially secure, and even financially free!

About Us

The Author

At a very young age, J3 Patiño already had the desire to become wealthy. His first experience of handling money was when he was still in grade school. At the time, his mother was running 7 different canteens. So whenever she would pick him up from school, she would have a bundle of mixed bills and coins for him to set in order. J3’s job was to make sure that all the bills were separated and properly organized – every single bill had to be facing the same way.

Moving on to college, J3 wanted to take up Business Administration in UP. However, his High School (Pisay) restricted him to taking a Science or Engineering course. He ended up picking Industrial Engineering (IE). (IE is a course about efficiency: the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to do things). Luckily, IE turned out to be a great course for J3, because when his professional background as an IE got mixed with his passion for wealth building, he asked a very powerful question:

What’s the most efficient way to build wealth?

Since then, he has been looking for the best answer to that question. After reading over a hundred books and attending a lot of seminars, he learned that many other people have already asked (and answered!) that question. So today, his goal is to continuously learn and share his answers to anyone who will listen. This is what led to the creation of Game of Wealth Online.


The Editor

Luis Medina is one angry bird (sic). His average day consists mostly of feeling disappointed with the system or ragging on other people’s wardrobe, grammar or pronunciation. As of now, it has been a long project in the making to ship him off to some place where his high standards for society are very much welcome. Fortunately, Luis is fated to stay here in the country for now — whether it’s to make a change or to fail horribly is yet to be seen.

Luis is an Industrial Engineer by profession, but his strong attachment to the arts manifests through his inclination to graphic design, writing, and playing drums. He finds time to superimpose his ramblings on fine art black and white photographs, and is the overzealous drummer of grunge metal band SlickFinger.

A seasoned meta-geek, the only ideal people in his life are his comic book heroes, like Wolverine and Spider Jerusalem. These characters’ reputations for animalistic simplicity and crafting beautiful language influenced him to be the passionate, artsy engineer.


  • emil

    Reply Reply 14 October 2016

    Hello J3 I have watched your video in Youtube and got interested to learn from you.
    I want to ask if you still accept students? and how much does it cost now?

    I look forward to your response and pray for more success on you.

  • jeyvie

    Reply Reply 21 December 2016

    sir j3 i want to register in your game of wealth online seminar,how?

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