Welcome Game of Wealth Affiliates!

Let's spread financial literacy and be financially rewarded as well!

Quick Start Guide

What is the Game of Wealth Seminar?

  • It is the most comprehensive step-by-step training
    on how to achieve financial freedom.
  • Customers get lifetime access to 7+ hours of training videos
    about the 7 stages of wealth.
  • Bonuses included are: Quarterly Q&A Sessions, Exclusive
    FB Group, and the Game of Wealth Resource Guide
  • The tuition is currently offered at P2,975.

How much are the commissions?

  • Commissions per sale is P1,500.
  • Payouts are every 15th of the month.
  • Minimum Payout is P2,500 (just 2 sales!!!).
  • Sales are considered final after the 30-day refund period.

How do I start promoting?

  • You need to be an existing Game of Wealth customer first! From there you choose the option to be an affiliate.
  • You can get your Unique Affiliate links by clicking here. (You have to be logged on in your account).
  • Remember to read the "Best Practices" (below) before you start. There are a lot of useful tips there.

How do I receive the commissions?

  • Payouts are made via Paypal or Direct (Local) Bank Deposit
  • You can specify this in your GoW Members Affiliate area.
  • For Offline Check (Local Bank Deposits) you may email affiliates@pinoymoneyacademy.com to give your bank details.
  • Remember that you need to meet the P2,500 minimum sales before you are eligible for a payout.

Why Promote the Game of Wealth?

  • Your Audience Will Love It!

    We have received an overwhelming number of testimonials for the Game of Wealth for the past year we have been offering it. And as of date we have a 100% satisfaction rating. The program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and 530 participants later, no one has asked for a refund. Each and every student absolutely loved the training they got!

  • You'll make a lot of money!

    We have been meticulous with tracking our sales and conversion data. And of every 100 people that sees our sales page, an average of 5-7 people will buy. At one point it even reached 11% conversion. (If you’re new to online marketing, the average conversion is just at 3%, while are getting 5-7%!)

    (Of course though we can’t guarantee your exact income from this because your results will depend on your promotion strategy. That’s why you should read the best practices below!)

  • You will transform lives!

    The way we ‘sell’ the game of wealth is through financial education. Right off the bat, we offer the “5 Pillars of Wealth” training series for FREE. So at the start (even before your audience buys), they are already getting a lot of value and training through our FREE online seminar.

    So when you promote with us, your audience will definitely THANK YOU for it! It will never look like you’re selling. Because all you really have to do is promote the free seminar, and our sales follow-up sequence will do the rest!

Best Practices for Promotion

The recommended best practices here are for those who have no background in internet marketing or sales. That’s why all the tips here are simple to follow and do. You can apply this whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or even in person!

Best Practice #1: Share your personal story. – I believe that the reason you would want to promote this product is because it has had a significant impact on your life. So just be genuine and share your personal experience with the product to your friends and family.

Example: Friend, Kamusta ka na? Alam mo ba may napanood akong video na nagbago sa pananaw ko tungkol sa pera. Kaya ngayon I have started saving, investing, at wala na rin akong utang. Gusto ko lang i-share din sa iyo kasi ang laki ng nagging impact nya sa akin. Here is a link doon sa free online seminar na ito : <put your affiliate link here>

Check it out! Highly recommended siya! 

Best Practice #2: Keep sharing the FREE “5 Pillars of Wealth Seminar – The awesome thing about our affiliate program is that the start of our “sales” sequence is a FREE seminar about the foundations of becoming wealthy. So it’s OKAY to share it over and over again, because nothing is for sale anyway! (But after the free stuff, you can leave it up to my follow-up sequence to ‘convince’ them to buy the Premium Game of Wealth seminar.)

Sample FB Post: Wow! Awesome Seminar about the foundations of wealth! Ang dami ko palang hindi alam tungkol sa pera… <your affiliate link here…>

Sample FB Post 2: Just watched a FREE training video about financial freedom. I learned that wealth is a choice. So I choose to be wealthy! <your affiliate link here…>

Sample FB Post 3: Finally! Naintindihan ko na rin ang pinagkaiba ng Mutual Fund, Bonds, Insurance and iba pang investments. Salamat sa Game of Wealth Seminar! <your affiliate link here…>

Remember that in your posts, all you need to do is share what your personal experiences and learnings have been. 🙂

Best Practice #3: Ask about fears, fantasies and frustrations – In the Filipino culture, I know it’s not popular (and most of the time impolite) to talk about money directly. So what is the more ‘acceptable’ way of talking about money? It’s when you connect it with people’s fears, fantasies and frustrations about money.

Example: Rather than ask your friends ‘gusto mo bang matutong yumaman?’ , it would be a LOT better to ask your friend if he/she is already thinking about his retirement, or how he/she is planning to pay for the college tuition.

After you talk about it a bit, that’s when you share about the FREE 5 Pillars of Wealth Seminar, and let them know you’ll just send the link via Facebook or email.


A quick message:

Finally, as you start promoting the Game of Wealth Seminar – I’d like you to know that you are doing good in the world. I’m sure you know a lot of people who badly need financial literacy. And if you’re not going to tell them about it… who will?

To eradicate poverty in the country, we need every Filipino to become financially literate. And that is a mission no one can do alone. So thank you for doing your part in spreading financial literacy.

The guidelines here are for people who are familiar with creating websites, autoresponders, social media and other marketing tools for the internet. It’s a bit more technical but that’s only because I want to help you make more money (and help more people).

Best Practice #1: Create Articles or Videos about the Game of Wealth Seminar – Make a review about it! All people like to search for reviews before they buy, so if you create a review article or video and it shows up on Google or the other search engines, (and your review convinces them to buy), then you’ll be able to get that sale!

As a general tip, the more comprehensive the review, the more the search engine will find it to be attractive.*

Important Rule: Negative or ‘scam’ marketing for the reviews are strictly not allowed. You are not allowed to use ‘scam’ or any negative keyword for SEO purposes, then turn it around in the article. While this tactic brings in clicks to your site, this damages the reputation of the product and as such is not allowed. All violations will be immediately banned without warning.

Best Practice #2: Email or Post Daily! – Studies have shown that your messages on Facebook are only seen by 3% of your fans at any given time. In email it’s usually just around 10%. So don’t be afraid to promote multiple times because different people will see it anyway!

Also, I would recommend that you promote the 5 Pillars of Wealth seminar MORE than the direct sales video to the Game of Wealth. That way, you’re adding value to your subscribers and you’re not just ‘going in for the sale’.  And on the economic side, promoting the 5 Pillars of Wealth seminar FIRST also increases sales conversion rate.

Best Practice #3: Schedule an autoresponder follow-up every 90 days. – This is not just the best practice of the Game of Wealth Seminar… this is the best practice for all kinds of email and internet marketing. The logic behind it is that after 90 days, the circumstances of the majority of people have already changed. So even if they have seen the offer before, their situation might be different and they might decide to buy it this time around. 🙂


The techniques I shared here are what I also do when I promote other people’s affiliate products, so I KNOW they work. I leave it up to you as a fellow internet marketer to apply what you have learned here.

This is for people who are able to organize seminars or gatherings in within their own organizations. Here’s the deal:

If you can organize a talk with at least 15 people, I will be willing to speak to your organization for FREE (minimum of 1 hr, maximum of 4 hours). Your organization will then receive FREE training on the “5 Pillars of Wealth” and other relevant topics you specify.

At the end of the seminar, I will ‘soft-sell’ on the Game of Wealth Seminar. And if anyone from your organization buys, (on the day and 90 days after) you will be credited with the affiliate commission.

If you are interested in this kind of partnership, let us discuss the details when you contact me at affiliates@pinoymoneyacademy.com

Do you have any unique ideas on how you and I can reach more people with the Game of Wealth seminar (and earn more commissions for you)?

I’d love to hear your ideas, just send an email to affiliates@pinoymoneyacademy.com

Technical Stuff and Legalities

Affiliates are not allowed to use the words "Game of Wealth" or "GoW" in their primary domain names. For instance, you cannot use www.GameOfWealthReviews.com as your domain name. However you may use www.yourdomainname.com/gameofwealth.

This is a "blackhat" SEO strategy and will not be tolerated among affiliates.


The Game of Wealth Seminar is a product of PMA Abundance Training Services Inc. which is registered with the SEC and DTI as a non-vat corporation. We declare all our income and payouts (expenses) to the best of our ability.

As such, all commissions paid out shall have a 10% withholding tax. This is in compliance with the BIR tax laws. Your form 2307s shall be made available upon request.