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The Social Status Trap and Why You Should Avoid It!

“Social Status = Financial Status” This is one of the leading causes of poverty in the country. Ang paniniwala ng tao na kapag nag-improve ang kanilang social status, eh nag-improve na rin ang kanilang financial status. Meaning nag-improve ang kanilang buhay.  For example Bago ang cellphone mo, aba may budget! Bagong bili ng kotse, ayun…

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3 Expensive Costs of Being Financially Ignorant

  “If you think education is expensive… try ignorance.” The most expensive money mistakes are the ones you have no idea you’re making. When it comes to financial education, it is easier to prefer “free” ignorance over having to pay for education. The consequence of this is a short-term gain (savings) with a long-term pain (bad…

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7 Things the Middle Class Should Be Afraid Of

If you are a Filipino who receives a steady paycheck regularly, then you can safely say that you are a member of the Philippine middle class. And if your steady paycheck allows you to buy your needs and/or wants, yet still have money left over for savings, then congratulations! You should be very proud of…

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How to Save Money If You’re Living on Paycheck to Paycheck

Everybody knows they should save money, but unfortunately only some attempt to do so, and only a few people succeed. We were never taught how to save money. As kids, we got used to spending all of our allowance. And that habit was nurtured and built for roughly 15 straight years. So today when we…

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