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What Will You Get in the Full Training?

The Game of Wealth Online Seminar is the most comprehensive training about personal finance education. And its main benefit is that it is customized to your current financial situation. You will learn what exactly to do, what to focus on and what you need to develop in order to improve and move up in the Game of Wealth depending on where you are financially. The video you watched above is just the overview. So here are the specifics of what you'll get:

  • 8 Hrs Worth of Core Video Training - Each stage in the game of wealth will be discussed thoroughly making sure that you understand every bit of it.
  • 3 Bonus Q&A Sessions - If there's anything you don't understand or would like to clarify, ask away and I'll answer it! Past Q&A sessions have lasted for over 30-45 minutes worth of discussions, so you know I pour everything I know when you ask.
  • The Game of Wealth Resource Guide (ebook) - This contains a review of all the resources (articles, videos, programs, books, websites, shows) that can help you win the game of wealth. Save your time and money by knowing in advance what more to study and learn.
  • Life-time and Online Access - The training program is available online 24/7. So you can access the videos anywhere you are, and anytime at your own convenience. Watch it while wearing sando and shorts, no one would know!
  • Risk FREE 30-day Money Back Guarantee - If for any reason you think that the training isn't worth what you paid for, let us know and I'll refund 100% of your payment. No questions asked. That's how much I believe this program can change your financial life.

What do Other  People Have to Say?

The Game of Wealth program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. And since its launch in Nov 2013, and hundreds of sign-ups, the program has had ZERO refunds and a whole lot of wonderful testimonials. (And I didn't even ask them for testimonials, they just sent them in!). Below are a couple of what our paying customers had to say...

"I like the method and the way you presented each video. It really feels that I am in the Game of Wealth right now and I know exactly what to do to win it. The ladder presentation is VERY realistic.

The worth of these videos are definitely so much MORE than the tuition." 

Jervie Jala

"I love it! Modesty aside, I am already in the Stage of Security, and I thought that the rest of it would bore me, but I'm glad I watched it because I learned a lot more!

What I like most about the video was how to get out of debt and I realized how blessed I was never to be in that situation. Now, I know how to help the people who's in the Stage of the Quicksand. My purchase was definitely worth it!"

Mylene Garcia

"The Q&A Sessions are great - it was very informative especially about the VUL and estate planning. I didn't expect that you would cover it in so much depth kaya now I have a deep understanding of it na."

Another thing I like is that you are very vibrant and full of enthusiasm. Tipong I can still see your face in my mind (and all the gestures) with just hearing your voice! Your analogies are the best! Nandyan ang scenarios and then real-life situation examples for us to understand it better. Sobrang dali talagang intindihin! Keep it up and Keep us financially educated!"

Krisnan Rodriguez

"I just finished the videos over the weekend and thank you so much for presenting them in a very simple way. I'm sure anyone, kahit ano pang profession can understand it.
To be honest, there was a point when I wanted to share it with others to help them, but I realized that if they would be watching it for free, then they won't value the things you have taught. Kaya I just shared the initial videos and let them decide if they would want to subscribe. :)"

Dhen April Tinipac


How to Access the Full Training?

To get one-on-one coaching from me, I typically charge P15,000 and above. That's where I teach clients individually how to apply the lessons of the Game of Wealth seminar to their unique personal circumstance. But since this is an online seminar, I can offer the Game of Wealth Training at a much more discounted rate of P7,000.

Limited Promo: Pay P2,975 (and save P5,025)
For a very LIMITED TIME, the Game of Wealth Online Seminar will be available for only P2,975. You will get access to the SAME full training inside the Game of Wealth, as well as the bonuses for the Q&A Videos, the Success Group and many others.This discounted rate may be removed without any prior notice.
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"There are two kinds of people in the Game of Wealth.
The winners, and those who have no idea that it exists"

J3 Patino - Founder of the Game of Wealth Program


Results Disclaimer: This is not a get-rich quick scheme. We don't believe in those and neither should you. Results of the training program will also vary depending on how well you apply the lessons. The Game of Wealth Training program is here to help you focus on the right goals, develop the right skills and understand the rules required for you to move up on the higher stages in the Game of Wealth.

The testimonials offered above are quotes from emails we have received from our customers. The only modifications were just to improve grammar and brevity. (most of the testimonials were several paragraphs long!)


  • Pag uwi ng asawa ko punta Kami Jan Kasi very interesting Lahat NG napanood ko..

  • James

    Reply Reply 14 June 2016

    Hi J3, pls make this limited offer available for longer time para makabili kami. Tnx to all your priceless advice

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