Have you ever experienced any of these challenges?

  • You’d like to start saving and investing more but your family back home just keeps spending on outings and new gadgets? Na parang ATM lang ang trato sayo? And when you ask them to start saving, they’d make you feel guilty kasi lagi ka naman wala.

  • You want to start a new business or career that you’re passionate about but your spouse or friends think that kalokohan lang yung ginagawa mo. Na-nag aaksaya ka lang ng oras, and mas mabuting mag focus ka nalang sa totoong trabaho? 

  • Or you’re already committing more time to work on your part-time business, but your friends are making you feel guilty saying na others ka na, hindi ka na sumasama porket may bisnes ka na. 

  • Or maybe you want to pursue a non-traditional career, but your parents insist that you pursue a more ‘stable’ career. Na gayahin mo nalang yung pinsan mo na mas successful sayo. 

Do you ever wish na maniwala at makinig naman sila sa iyo kahit kaunti lang? Dahil para sa kanila rin naman yun in the end?

But whenever you try and talk to them or convince them... paulit-ulit nalang. They say the same things. It's the same arguments. And it's draining you emotionally.

They are Negative. Critical. Doubtful. And you feel helpless.

Here's the Good News! You CAN Convert Your Loved Ones into Your Best Supports for Success! 

(no matter how stubborn, negative or critical they are).

Hi, I'm J3 Patino and for the past 5 years I've been helping Filipinos achieve financial freedom and abundance.

And a common obstacle that many people often face is their loved ones. Just like what some subscribers have emailed me:

My mom has a business that is drowning us in debt. Now it's over P2 million. It's hard to talk to mom kasi hindi sya nakikinig sa sinasabi namin sa kanya. She would blame us for all the unfortunate things na nangyari sa buhay niya and sasabihin kung mag-a-abroad lang si kuya at tulungan namin sya makapagbayad. We pray that it’s not too late for her to live a life na hindi naghahanap ng praise/ high esteem from other people.

- Daisy L. - A Frustrated Daughter

Every time I try to discuss with my husband, my tears start to fall so I cannot say clearly or explain my side. Pag sinasabi ko sa kanya yung mga expenses ko without uttering a word, only buntong hininga lang ang ginagawa nya, I’m hurting inside e. Mabilis na rin uminit ulo namin sa isa’t isa, Ayoko dumating sa point na yung respect at love ay mawala na lang sa amin.

- Norma R - a wife hurting inside

My younger brother should realize the value of household responsibility. Hindi yung puro nasa GF niya lang, baka mabuntis pa yun. Being 32yrs old, dapat lang naman na matuto na siya to help out in the family… Siguro nasanay kasi siya bilang bunso, na ako na kuya at mga ate niya lagi ang nag p-provide for the family.

- Mark L - a burdened brother

After receiving hundreds of personal stories of couples, parents and children fighting, getting hurt and frustrated… I knew I had to do something to help. So here's the simple solution.

The Secret to Getting People to Change is to Improve Your Communication, Influence, and Persuasion Skills

I was forced to discovered this 7 years ago, when I made my girlfriend extremely upset in the middle of the mall.

I was helping my girlfriend buy a new phone. And she was leaning towards getting a brand-new iPhone.

Now being an advocate of saving and investing, I kept suggesting to her to just get a less expensive brand since she won’t be using many of the iPhone's features.

I kept asking her… will you use that feature? How about that feature? You don’t need that!

And after an hour with me… I noticed that she was really quiet and very upset.

She said, “Next time, hindi na kita isa-sama. Jinu-judge mo ako eh!

I immediately apologized after that. She forgave me, but of course she wasn’t happy.

And as I was on my way home that day, I was hit with reality.

I needed to change how communicate my ideas with people. This is what started my journey to improve my communication, influence and persuasion skills.

I started reading books on leadership, effective communication, psychology and persuasion. And little by little, applied and practiced it in my relationships.

I became better and better at getting people to support me in my dreams. I’m more confident to ask for help, and take bolder actions in pursuit of my dreams.

Today, I’m surrounded by people who support me in all my goals. Victories are unforgettable, because I get to celebrate it with people that I love and care about!

And well, my girlfriend… (now my wife) who loves to shop and spend, now enjoys doing our monthly household budgeting and investing.

Woohooo! She’s happily aboard our journey towards financial freedom!

She even said during our anniversary that she's really happy with how we're managing (and enjoying) our finances.

And this is what I want for you as well!

You Can Convert the Most Negative or Critical People Into Supporting You in ALL Your Goals
As Early As Next Week! 

One surprising thing I noticed when I was learning and practicing these communication techniques was that they were very easy to do.

You don't need to be outgoing, funny, or have a celebrity-like status or personality to get results. Anyone can use them and get results instantly!

Yes, I know the word "instantly" sounds all hype-y. But that's the way it really is!

And if you'd like to learn how exactly to improve your own communication, leadership, persuasion and influence skills as it relates to your personal relationships...

Then you're going to want to check this training out.

Wealth Conversations: How to Convert Your Loved Ones Into The Best Supports For Financial Success

Wealth Conversations is a special 3-module online course that will teach you how to win over your loved ones and get their support as you pursue your goals in life.

By the end of this training you’ll already know:

  • How you can obtain the support of your loved ones (your parents, partner in life, brothers, sisters, extended family, the people important to you…) you’ll learn how to obtain their support for all your endeavors even if they are your biggest doubters and critics in what you’re trying to do.

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate “defensiveness” to comments and criticisms that people make about you and your dreams, so that you can be calm and rational when discussing what they’re telling you (both on the surface and what they’re really saying beneath the surface).

  • You’ll learn how to resolve your own “stuff” that causes you to attract negativity into your life. (Yes it’s true, it’s possible that you are causing much of the negativity that you are experiencing from people.)

  • You’ll also learn how to defuse the negativity of the ‘closed’ people in your life. This is how you get people to listen to what you have to say, without getting into an argument or ending into a fight.

Here's What You'll Learn in Each Module

Module #1: Gain Leadership

In every relationship, there are always two people involved. You and them. In this first module, the focus will be on YOU and your leadership skills. If you’re not demonstrating high leadership traits, then people don’t listen. That’s why we work on YOU first.

In this module you’ll specifically learn:

  • The foundational principle on how every relationship works when it comes to influence. This will allow you to control what you can control, and let go of things that aren’t in your control.

  • How to recognize “decision points” during conversations with loved ones, so that you can break negative patterns of arguing or fighting. (If you find yourself having the same fight, with the same person over and over again… you need to learn this.)

  • The “Clarity Exercise” which will make people naturally and subconsciously want to follow your lead, help you and support you in your goals. Because sometimes, it’s not that people aren’t supportive, you’re just not clear in what you want.

Module #2: Gain Inner Strength

In this module, you'll learn how to resolve your baggage, insecurities and ‘stuff’ that causes you to attract pain, hurt and negativity in your own relationships.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to uncover and let go of your own fears, insecurities that could be affecting you and your relationships. Sometimes we interpret things differently that what the other person really means… and it’s because of our own baggage.

  • A 10-minute exercise called the “peace process” which will help you let go of your own ‘baggage’, permanently. After experiencing this, you’ll feel lighter mentally and emotionally, as if a huge burden has been lifted from your body. (Yep, it’s a simple exercise with HUGE benefits!)

  • Gain inner strength so that you’re no longer bothered or affected as much, by what other people do or say, or what they don’t do or say… You’re going to feel more confident and in control to go for your goals and ask for the support you need from people.

Module #3: Gain Influence

This module is where the magic happens. You'll learn all about the “Dream Enrollment Process”, which is used to to instantly turn people around and win them over to support you in your dreams.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • You’ll get the “Dream Enrollment Script”, a 5-step conversation to have with your loved ones to convert them into your best supporters even if they are stubborn or critical about what you want to accomplish. (You’ll get the the exact words to say – you just fill in the blanks to make it apply to your situation).

  • How to customize the dream enrollment conversation so you can use it even with people who are “senior” to you, like your boss, an elder brother or sister, a parent or even grand parent.

  • How to use the “3-Legged-Puppy” technique which will instantly diffuse the defensiveness and negativity of people really listen to what you have to say.

  • The two ways to get people to still rally behind you and cheer you on even if they are against or don’t agree with what you’re doing. David Guetta even wrote a song about the second way!

Overall, after apply the lessons and techniques you learn… you will notice that the people around you are changing, for some weird reason they are more supportive in your dreams and more receptive on what you have to say.

But the truth of the matter is… they didn’t change. YOU did.

In this training, you will level up your leadership, confidence, influence and persuasion game. And that is the REAL reason why you'll be surrounded by people who support you every step of the way in your journey towards financial freedom and abundance.

Here's Why You're Going to HATE or LOVE Course... 

(Here's How to Know If This is For You) 

This Course Is NOT For You If...

  • You want a ‘magic potion’ that will just instantly change the people around you without exerting any effort to become a better person. If you’re content with playing the ‘victim’ card, or you’re looking for a ‘saviour’, then this training is not for you.

  • You want to use the training for the purposes of dating, or making people fall in love with you… or some other goal not related to finances. Sorry – this course is called “Wealth Conversations”… not Love Conversations!

  • You are not a Filipino. Sorry, I don’t mean to be exclusive here, but many of the examples in this training consider the traditional Filipino family values. Para lang ito sa mga Pilipino. 


This Course Is PERFECT For You If...

  • #1: You’re 100% Pinoy! (Pwede na rin if 1/2 or 1/4) Unlike majority of books in personal development, this training was created with traditional Filipino values and culture in mind: We respect our elders, we value ‘pakikisama’, and the topic of money and finances isn’t openly discussed. I know all this, and that’s why all the examples and scripts inside the course take these into consideration.

  • #2: You’re Seeking Financial Progress. Even if this is a leadership, communication and influence course, all examples you’ll see in this course are about financial progress. You’ll see examples of people pursuing a different career, starting a business or investment, or OFWs wanting their families back home to save and budget.

  • #3: You are Ready to Take Control. Everything you’ll learn here will be easy to do, and you can get results as early as next week. So if you’re ready to take responsibility for all your relationships, then this will be one of your best investments for yourself this year.

Ready to Get Started? Here's How!

Click on the enroll now button below to place your order. And you’ll get lifetime Access to the Wealth Conversations’ members area containing the online videos for each of the 3 modules.

You can go through the training as soon as your membership is approved, and immediately start converting your loved ones into your best supports for financial success.

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How Long Are You Going to Deny Yourself
The Happiness You Deserve (For the Sake of Others)?

Now Here's Something To Think About...

-- Are you tired and exhausted of trying to convince your family and friends to support you in your dreams?

-- Pagod sa mga away (o walang pansinan) na paulit ulit nalang? 

-- Sawa ka na ba sa mga doubts, criticism at buntong-hininga ng pamilya at kaibigan mo sayo?

Now think about having to suffer all that for the rest of your life...
Because that's what's at stake if you don't start changing. 

The answer is all laid out inside the Wealth Conversations Training.

You can start turning all your loved ones into your best supports for success as early as tonight. (And experience the results as early as next week). 

Just click on the enroll now button below to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions about the course, I’ve written a quick question
and answer portion, as well as some bonuses below.

I'm IN! This is definitely what I need. Do I get any bonuses for enrolling today?

Of course! Here's everything you'll get PLUS P9,000 worth of bonuses.

  • Lifetime Access to the Wealth Conversations online training videos. These are 3 Modules, 13 training videos, complete with summarized action steps for easy learning and application.

  • +BONUS: “5 Things Every Couple Should Talk About To Finish Rich” plus an expanded PDF version (12 topics) for couples to guide them through the different financial topics to discuss together. (Worth P1,500

  • + BONUS: “Coaching and Case Success Stories” where you can get my additional one on one guidance in using the “Dream Enrollment Process” for your relationships. You’ll also get to see a few case studies and ‘how they did it’ when coaching becomes unavailable in the future. (Worth P7,500)

These bonuses (especially the coaching) are my way of ensuring that the students really get maximum support from me. That’s why I’m also opening the registration for a limited time. If you’re ready click the enroll now button below.

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This Sounds Like It Will Really Help a Lot of People and Their Relationships!
But My Family And Friends Are Different. They Are So Stubborn & Crazy!

Listen, I won’t pretend to know you or the relationship you have with your mother, father, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brothers, sisters, children, tito’s, tita’s, uncles, yaya, boss, driver, employees. So I cannot guarantee that they will change after you enroll in this training.

But here’s what I know.

Most people NEVER study about effective communication and persuasion. They NEVER seek to improve their own leadership and influence skills. And for those who do, they only use it on their professional relationships and rarely with their personal relationships.

(For some reason, people assume that just because they are your family or friends, that they’ll listen to you, and support you with every endeavor. But this is rarely the case)

And when you start to apply the leadership principles and use the communication and persuasion techniques, you’re going to learn inside the course…. There is going to be a transformation with YOU. And it is YOUR transformation that will lead to other people changing their behaviors and attitude towards you, your goals and what you want to happen.

Click Here To Enroll NowSo You Can Try It Out On Your Crazy Stubborn Relatives! (Haha)

I'm Excited To Give This a Try! But With the 1% Chance That In Case It Doesn't Work With My Crazy Relatives... Can I Get a Refund?

Yes, absolutely! Because I'm kind of crazy too!

So you have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee with your purchase. You can go through the training, read it, watch it, even download all the videos! And if for any reason you don’t think it was worth it, then send me an email at support@pinoymoneyacademy.com and I’ll give you a full refund.

Other business owners will say I'm crazy for taking all of the risk like this. But if this program doesn't help you, I don't think its fair for me to keep your money. So give it a try, you literally have nothing to lose.

Click Here To Enroll NowAnd Enjoy Your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

OK Let's Do This! What Should I Do Next?

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